YOG NIDRA- A Step To Meditation

Yog Nidra is a relaxation form of ancient science of yoga. It helps to prepare you  for the greatest luxury called meditation and helps yogi to get relax completely. It starts with shavaasana wherein one lie down flat on his back on the mat or on the blanquettes completely in still position like a dead body and then don’t move any part of the body except breathing.

To enter into yog Nidra we start giving the command to our own body to relax it physically and mentally. One need to be little aware when starting to freeze the physical body as initially you will feel crawling of ants and itching on your body. You need not to worry as it’s just a feeling and nothing else. So don’t move your body and do not come out of Yog Nidra.

Now in the second step we work on mind. In first step we still the body now our work is to still the mind which is little difficult as it always moves on and continuously getting different thoughts without even getting a rest of a single seconds and never stop working. Thinking is an activity of mind and it never stops and also doesn’t allow mind to get relaxed.

In yog nidra we start relaxing the mind by the help of our five senses (Eyes, Nose, Tongue, Touch, and Hearing). Initially we activate them to feel it then immediately we relax them to relax the mind.

Mind has more patterns than senses so finally we start watching the thoughts which are coming and going as a spectator without being attached to them as in saksi bhav.  And in this watching we start getting blanked gradually and a point comes where there are no thoughts even if it is for few seconds the mind also stop for those seconds.

In that very moment we live in that moment, neither we are in past or in future  everything stops at that moment and we lived that very moment completely. That’s the ultimate goal of yog nidra to stop the activity of the mind. And once the mind is stop how can you be in future or in past as its not working so you are in present only in present for that particular moment. That feeling is a blessing. People who start feeling this feeling they don’t want to come back they feel so much content…….Manish Yogi

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