200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program in Noida

We have found a new school in Noida Sec 50 which is located in the heart of city and also cover by lash greenery having two gardens in the building which gives the feeling that we are not in metro cities.

We are conducting 200 hrs yoga teacher training program in Noida for local and international seekers who want to upgrade their knowledge and also looking for international certification to become a global teacher. This certification is provided by the yoga alliance international and recognized globally in more than 55 countries.

In this program, we work for in-depth knowledge of yoga and meditation starting from the basic asana which is performed on yoga mat and goes in deep relaxation techniques. The students learn all aspect of yoga from pranayama to yoga nidra and meditation. This cause is based on patanjali yoga sutra wherein the focus is on ashtanga yoga (8 steps yoga or raja yoga) i.e. yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratihar, dharna, dhyan and samadhi.

We have been teaching all four paths of yoga for basic understanding of Indian and Himalayan tradition which are as follows:

Bhakti Yoga: Meera is the right example to understand the path of bhakti yoga.

Karma Yoga: Arjuna is right example to understand the path of karma yoga.

Gyan Yoga: Buddha and Mahaveer are the masters who become awakened through the path of gyan yoga.

Raja Yoga: Patanjali discover the path of raja yoga which is also known as kriya yoga these days.

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