How 10 Minutes Of Meditation Changed Prospective of Life

People often say they are busy and hardly get  the time for meditation. Today we are discussing that how only 10 minutes of meditation can heel your sorrow and give a new prospective of life. By sitting cross leg with straight spine and keeping  your eyes closed for 10 minutes every day start disconnecting you from the outer world and open a new dimensions of inner mysteries which give you so much pleasure and takes all the tensions and pains.

This 10 minutes of practicing meditation every day changes the whole prospective of life as you start calming down yourself and start knowing the real happiness of life which nobody is able to tell you. At this very moment you start living in the present only neither you are in past nor in the future everything’s stops in those moments and you start living  the moment completely, that feeling is blessing and you only required 10 minutes of time everyday irrespective of the hours whether it is morning or in the evening and it changes the whole prospective. Now you more calm, relaxed,focused,knowing yourself and become your own master.

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  1. Cliftonguest
    1 hour ago

    Manishyogi, thanks a lot for the article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.


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