Which airlines fly directly to Kasar Devi?

You can fly directly from Europe, UK and USA to Delhi international airport from there
you can come via train.

Do I need a visa?

Yes, most passport holders need a visa for India. You have to consult your local Indian embassy. A Tourist Visa is sufficient. You can generally get a six month tourist visa which you must organize before traveling. Student Visa is not required for Yoga in India. Most embassies have an online application form you can download from the internet.

What is the duration of the Yoga Teacher Training Courses?

We conduct two such courses. The Yoga Teacher Training Course for 200 hrs is 20 days and for 500 hrs is 30 days.

Is the Course taught in English?


Will there be a written and practical exam at the end of the course?

Yes.  You will have to meet an assessment criteria to pass the YTTC.

What is the maximum number of students on the YTTC?

We take a maximum of 12 students on a 200hr YTTC.

Will a course manual be provided?

Yes.  All course materials are provided by us.

If I’m a beginner, can I join the Yoga TTC?

Yes you can join as we start from the basics keeping in mind that some people are very new to yoga.

Will I have an opportunity to teach on the YTTC?

On the 200 hr YTTC, you will teach your own yoga class to your peers as part of your final assessment and you will gain teaching experience and hone your own skill

What if I don’t want to become a yoga teacher after completing the YTTC?

There are always some students who take the YTTC without wanting to become a yoga teacher.
The program will cater to the needs of those who are interested in
1. Learning about yoga,
2. Becoming a yoga teacher,
3. Deepening their self practice,
4. Elevating their knowledge in yoga philosophies or
5. Integrating a yogic element into their lifestyle.
Your experience with us will be a stepping stone for inner growth, whatever may be your goal.

What If I a miss few classes?

To qualify for the YTTC, trainees must attend the required number of hours (200)   If you have to miss a class due to unavoidable reasons, we will do our best to make sure that these hours are made up.  There are always yoga classes scheduled at the weekend should need to make up any hours of practice.

Do I have to stay at the center to do a YTTC/Intensive Yoga Course?

It is almost necessary as its in mountain and far away from market so all students need to opt for a residential package.

How do I register my place on the course?

Please fill out the online application form or write us via contact page. Once your application is approved, we will send you payment details to secure your place.

What type of yoga will we be learning on the YTTC 200hrs/500hrs/Intensive Yoga Course?

Mainly we are teaching Hatha yoga and Patanjali yoga sutras.

Is it possible to stay and work as a teacher here after the YTTC?

We do not employ teachers to work with us.  Visa requirements do not permit this. However, we offer Volunteer jobs that allows you to develop with us as a yoga teacher and helper by assisting in the Centre.

Do I need to take Malaria tablets?

We are not qualified to advise about Malaria tablets.  The best thing to do is visit your local doctor or travel clinic for advice on Malaria and other vaccinations you may need. Majority of our guests do not take them.

What is your refund policy?

If you have paid a deposit or full course cost and for some reason are unable to attend, we will be happy to transfer the amount to another course.  This will be subject to availability. For further details pls mail us.

When do I need to pay the balance?

You will have to pay your balance 1 month before the course begins. You can pay by online bank transfer.

Is India safe?

Our school is located in Kasar Devi, almora, India. This place is safe and peaceful for tourists you will not have to worry about your security during your stay.

However, if you are planning to go to other places you should follow the advice of the place or company you are staying with. If you are a girl and travelling by yourself is always good to take extra precautions.

If you want to get to know Dehli, the Taj Mahal or other places, we can arrange airport pick-up, transportation and trustworthy tourism services.

Is it possible to arrange airport pick-up?

Yes it is. Normally students arrive from New Dehli or Pant Nagar Airport if you want an airport pick-up let us know.

What do I need to bring?

Shawl for morning meditation, Alarm Clock, torch, Comfortable loose cloths for yoga classes. In the school we have yoga mats and other equipment so you don´t have to worry.

How is the weather?

There are three different seasons in Kasar Devi,Almora Summer Season (March-July):
Summer Season (March-July)
These months constitute the summer season where June is the hottest month with temperatures rising up to 30 °C. Expect a sunny weather with temperatures around 20 °C to 30 °C.  Bring fresh clothes =).

Monsoon Season (August-September)
Monsoons is a great time to visit Almora as the whole area looks lush green due to the rains.

Winter Season (October-February) 
Winters (November-February) are very cold in KasarDevi,Almora with temperature occasionally touching freezing temperature in January. These months constitute the winter season and see an average temperature of 2°C to 15°C. January is the coldest month in Kasar Devi, and it is advisable to carry

warm clothes.

What level of experience in yoga is required?

Everyone is invited to do all the courses even if they have none experience. Practicing is very important to become a competent teacher. We always advice at least 6 Months experience before or after the course to start teaching groups.

Are there any other activities to be done?

Yes it is known for its natural beauty and spiritual importance. You will have free time to enjoy different adventures such as hiking and Biking. We also arrange mountain bike n camping on weekends.

What is included on the price?

The price includes yoga all day lessons and practice according to the schedule of each program, studying material, yoga utilities, Yoga Alliance Certification, accommodation and all the meals.

What is not included?

Transport from the airport to the school, visas and flights.

Will I be able to be a yoga teacher after the course?

After the 3 week or 4 week courses you will have the certification of completion from Yoga Alliance. If you are an experienced student you will be able to become a Yoga Teacher if not, we recomend that you keep practicing for a while until you feel confident to teach.

How do I arrive to the school?

Arrival by airplane

The nearest international airport is New-Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. For those who choose to continue their way by air, the nearest domestic airport is at Pantnagar which is 127kms away. You have to travel by car/ bus from here. Flights are quite well connected with major cities of India. 

Arrival by taxi

Taxis are always available anywhere in India. The drive from Delhi to Kasar devi will take around 8 to 9 hours, depending on traffic conditions. Almora is 380kms away from Delhi and can be reached by car/ bus. If you are coming by bus you can take a Volvo bus from Delhi till haldwani and its almost 90 kms from haldwani to almora.

Arrival by train

By Rail The nearest railways station is at Kathgodam, almost 90 kms away. It is well connected to most of the other Indian cities and towns.you can easily get a taxi or even take a bus. There are many different trains, depending on where you are coming from, including the Ranikhet Express, Uttarakhand Sampark Kranti Express, and the Kathgodam Anand Vihar Shatabdi, which all come from Delhi.

From Kolkata, Gorakhpur or Lucknow you can avail the Bagh Express Train and if youare coming from Haridwar or Dehradun you can take the Dehradun-KathgodamExpress.

What i need to do for registration?

Either you email us at info@yogaessenceoflife.org or fill the contact form.

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