International yoga classes in Delhi

As we all know that yoga is an essence of life therefore some of us practices yoga everyday and few of us do it occasionally, but we all get the benefit of yoga practices as it is good for physical and mental health. Some yogis want to make it as a profession to teach yoga nationally and internationally. Hence we are introducing the international yoga teacher training course in Delhi. We have found a place in Delhi NCR, which is located in green and non polluted area. These courses are planned for students/housewives and for office goers and for the student who want to know the depth of yoga and also want to make it as a profession.

International yoga classes

For those who wants to learn yoga as a hobby can come and learn Patanjali yoga Sutra in our different classes. We run 200 hours and 500 hours yoga teacher training courses, wherein you certified as an international yoga teacher.

we run yoga and meditation retreats in Himalayas in India in summers and also conducting yoga and meditation retreats in Switzerland for 5 to 7 days in the month of April by Manish Yogi who is a founder of Yoga The Essence of Life Foundation and internationally certified yoga master.

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