Experience The Yoga By Manish Yogi

“Yoga The Essence Of Life Foundation” welcomes all to experience and realize the potential of their inner spirit through the power of own mind, body and soul with the help of ancient science of Yoga.

A journey to take along with Manish Yogi the founder of “Yoga The Essence Of Life Foundation’. Who practices classical yoga since he was into school, is celebrating yoga teacher known for his knowledge, friendly demeanor, humor and an ability to connect with all through his magnetic persona.

Through his own learnings he wants to transform others too. Manish as the name literally comes from hindi word ‘Mann’ which means mind and ‘Ish’ meaning God. So the one who has mastered and controlled his own mind, is on a mission to make everyone else find their true balance and master their own minds.

The spiritual journey of Yogi Manish is really enthralling. Donning many professional hats during his life, from a management consultant to a life coach, to a banker and a real estate professional. He found his real calling in yoga.

gomukhasana variations

He graduated from Delhi University with dual Post-Graduation . He enjoys his free time in occasional writing, reading, travelling and observing human nature. He is one of the few people in the world of yoga who not just follows but wants to bring to others too the authentic teachings of traditional form of Patanjali Yoga Sutra. Never force yourself performing all yoga poses or bending your bodies beyond capacity but be comfortable with the self. Yoga is not just about movement of the body but about being one with the self, being in harmony with the nature is essential, is his Mantra.

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