Meditation- The Greatest Luxury

Meditation is the greatest luxury possible on this earth because no feeling is greater than the feeling arise out of meditation. It is an ultimate love affair of individual energy with the universal energy.
Medicine and meditation is derived from the same root which means to heel. Medicine helps to heel the physical body while meditation works on deeper layer.
Normally our mind lives either in past or in future and it’s difficult to place our mind into present moment, as continuous activities are happening in the mind. When all activities of the mind stops even for a single second we live in the present for that particular moment. In other words we can say to be in present is to be in meditation or visa versa.
And to stop the activity of the mind we work on our breath patterns. Have you ever realised that we have different breathing patterns with different emotions or varying moods.
When you are relaxed, your breath is relaxed and when you are full of anger, your breath is no longer relaxed and begins to run faster.
In different emotions like sadness, happiness, anxiety, and fear you have different breath patterns.
And if you manage to relax your breath, the emotions or activities that take place in the mind also get relaxed.
And to freeze the breath we take help of different paranayama. Alternate nostril breathing technique is the father of all the pranayama( breathing techniques).
To do meditation we sit crossed leg position and hand in anjali mudra( Right hand over the left hand) so that bio energy also move in circle.

Now we closed our eyes to prevent energy from flowing outside the body and our back should be straight as energy begins to flow from lower chakra to higher chakras through spine route until it reaches the last chakra.
In this posture we calm the mind by focusing on the breath and putting full focus on the breath our breath become slow n relax. As soon as the breath is calm, the mind also become calm and that state is the state of meditation or no mind state.
We have so many problem and illness because our bio-energy is blocked in some part of our body when it is blocked in head, we start to feel migraine or headache continuously and If it gets blocked in stomach you are constipated. By practicing yoga and meditation regularly, our bio energy starts moving in the circle and once it start moving in the circle, it unblocks the energy stuck in our body and as soon as the energy is released from the blocks, the body starts becoming healthy…….Manish Yogi

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