About Yoga Essence of Life Foundation

Yoga The Essence of Life Foundation has been established with an objective to spread awareness, knowledge and information about the authentic teachings of ancient science of Yoga, as people across the world have started assuming that Yoga is all about doing strenuous Inhale-exhale exercises or to perform some postures on Yoga mat for weight loss or controlling Blood pressure, cancer or other physical ailments. This is one of the minuscule aspect of Yoga, the actual Yoga helps to connect anyone or anybody with Self and entire Universe and serves as a bridge to reach the path of Illumination and Enlightenment, apart from benefits to physical layer of body which is a part of Hatha Yoga.  And Yoga Essence of Life Foundation serves as a facilitator for countless people to begin their journey of Illumination and Enlightenment.

Yoga Essence of Life Foundation has it’s centres located in Baden – Switzerland, Almora – Uttarakhand, Noida – Uttar Pradesh and Faridabad-Haryana. It is recognized by Yoga Alliance International and approved to conduct various programmes for teachers and trainers in the related fields of Classical Yoga. The organisation/ institution has benefitted people around the world, conducted several Yoga program for the International participants of NIESBUD, Noida, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India (from more than 55 countries); residents of Baden, Switzerland; organized several retreat programs for foreigners and locals in Kasar Devi hills- Almora; Employee awareness programs for Corporate in Delhi-NCR to improve their productivity, creativity and to reduce the stress level and Students awareness programs for University students to improve their concentration power in several parts of the country, etc.

Apart from this, the Institute has been also conducting 200/500 hours teachers training program under the prowess knowledge of Manish Yogi. The different programs are designed in a manner to provide comprehensive knowledge of Classical Patanjali Yoga, Hatha yoga and various pranayama and meditation techniques.

The participants not only receive formal training from Manish Yogi but also experience  “Rendezvous with themselves” – they come across their own identity and commence their own journey of Spirituality. The genuine and authentic self of Manish Yogi enables his students and followers to think, feel and experience the Real and authentic techniques of Yoga and go beyond to know the unknown.

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