Perform Sirshasana as mentioned above. Slowly bend the right leg and hold on the left side thigh and then the left leg on the right thigh. You must do this very carefully and slowly. If you can stay in Sirshasana for more than 10 or 15 minutes, then you can try it alone. Otherwise, you will have a fall. A gymnast can perform this asana easily. Some strength is needed to perform this asana. Breathe slowly through the nose and never by the mouth. Remain in the posture from 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning and gradually increase the time. To begin with the practice of this asana by the side of a wall on Mat. There are some other varieties in this Asana. They are not of much use.


All the benefits of Sirshasana are derived from this asana. One who practices this asana get perfect control over the body. Pandit Sri Suryanarayan, lawyer, Lakhimpur, practiced this asana. His memory had grown considerably. He cured Spermatorrhoea or wet dreams in Ganga Prasad, a student of M.Sc. class, and Narendra, a student of the Calcutta Medical College. Judge Kedarnath could do double the work in the courses and read books for many hours can also sincerely practise this Asana regularly and get the full benefits and live long in perfect health.

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