Stand Up Keep your legs apart by two meters. Now stretch your wide arms to the sides in line with the shoulders. The arms must now be quite parallel to the ground. You might have done this portion of the exercise in your drill class in the school. Now bend slowly to the right. This part of the exercise in your drill class at school. Now turn slowly to the right. Keep the left knee stiff and erect. This is important. Touch the right toe with the fingers right hand bend the neck slightly to the right. It can touch the right shoulder. now stretch the left arm above. Retain the posture for 2 or 3 minutes. Breathe slowly. Again you can be practiced on the left side. Let touch the left toe, the finger of the left hand. Extended the right arm in the air as before. Do 3 or 6 times on each side.


This asana is very good lateral movement of the spine. There is an Asana aid to Ardha Matsyendrasana. It amplifies and fulfils the Matsyendrasana. Mr. Muller also gives a description by this asana in his system of exercises of physical culture. If you have a healthy spine, you are can sit in your meditation in one Asana for many hours without fatigue. For a Yogi the spine or Meru Danda is a great thing because it is connected to the spinal cord and the sympathetic system. It is the spine that contains the important Sushumna Nadi which plays a vital part the Kundalini movement. This asana drowned the spinal nerves and abdominal organs, increased peristalsis of the bowels and invigorates appetite. Constipation is relieved. The body becomes Those who suffer from shortening of the leg due to fracture of the hip or thigh bone (femur) or bones of the leg (Tibia or Fibula) will be benefited by this Asana. This Asana lengthens Krishna Kumar Bhargava, lawyer, Sitapur, practice this asana for three months. His legs became lengthened and he was able to walk one or two miles later.

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