Practicing Meditation for 10 Minutes to Celebrate Life

These days, people often complain that they are extremely occupied in their schedules and hardly get good time for meditation. It is a misconception that a person needs a considerable amount of time and spend long hours in meditation. It is actually possible to change and give new perspective to life and heal the sorrows by devoting only 10 minutes of time to Meditation.  For this, one needs to sit cross leg on a bed or floor with mat or drugget keeping spine straight and closing the eyes for 10 minutes to start disconnecting from the outer world and opening the new dimensions of inner mysteries. This gives the feeling of ultimate pleasure and relieves the person from all tensions and pains.

By practicing Meditation for 10 minutes every day, the person experiences calmness in himself and starts exploring the real happiness of life which cannot be derived from any other mode or technique. He slowly and steadily finds difference in the  dimensions of life and its way of living. He starts living in that very particular moment i.e in the present and neither past nor future comes to his mind. Those 10 minutes of meditation are extremely beautiful and  everything around the person stops for those 10 minutes and he feels the flow of bliss and ecstasy from within.  Living such moment is a blessing for him and it requires only 10 minutes of time everyday and can be done during any moment of day whether it is morning, noon, evening or night. If practiced regularly, it makes a person calm, relaxed, focused, self aware and he starts becoming his own Master.

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