This can be called “Standing Paschimottanasana” being style, because the technique is the same. Difference is that you will have to do this while standing. Some people call this “Hastapadangasana.”



We will hang our hands on the sides. Keep heel and toes apart. Raise the hands above the head. Slowly bend the body downwards. Keep the knees stiff and erect. Do not bend the legs at the knees. Slowly pull your hands down without bending your elbows and grasping your toes with your thumb, forefinger and middle finger only. When you bend, slowly Exhale and tighten the abdomen in the back. Keep your forehead between your knees. The face is narrowed between the back of the knees or the head can be between the legs. There Varieties in this asana by replacing the feet and hands. There is no place a detailed description. Further, they are not of much use or advantage. Maintain the pose. Fat people will find it difficult to perform this asana but with patience and perseverance you will be capable to perform in a short duration. When you contract pulling on the back, you have the abdominal muscles and the rectum. If you have difficulty catching your knees, hip muscles and excessive fat in the abdomen, bend your knees slightly. After catching the toes, straighten and stiffen the legs. That is Yukti or common-sense. You can drink a small quantity of water before you do this Asana.


There are many benefits of this asana. You will feel revitalized well after exercise is over. The body is rendered light as much Tamas is dispelled. Adiposity disappears. Any shortening legs by a fracture of the leg or bone of the thigh is fixed. You will have a slight extension of the leg by practice of this Asana for about three months and rubbing the thighs and legs with mustard oil, which a little salt is added. The salt increases the penetration of the oil. Asana helps free passage of Apana Vayu downwards. The Sushumna Nadi is purified and strengthened. The plus point of Paschimottanasana are derived from this asana as well.

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