The Meaning of the word Mayur is Peacock in Sanskrit language. When this asana is exhibited, it resembles to peacock which has spread out the bundle of feathers at its back. This is a little more difficult than Sarvangasana and Matsyasana. It needs good physical strength. Sport people and Gymnasts can do this easily. It corresponds more or less to plank exercise on the parallel bars.


Mayurasana has a charm of its own. It hugs you quickly. It gives you a complete exercise within a few seconds. It serves like a hypodermic injection of Adrenalin or Digitalin. This is a wonderful Asana to improve digestion. It destroys the effects of unhealthy food. It increases the digestive power. It digests even the terrible Halahala poison and destroys its terrible effects. It cures dyspepsia and stomach diseases like chronic gastritis, and reduces splenic and liver-enlargement by increasing the intra-abdominal pressure. The lungs and abdominal organs are properly toned and stimulated by increased intra-abdominal abdomen pressure. Sluggishness of liver or hepatic torpidity disappears. It tones the bowels, removes chronic and habitual constipation and it awakens Kundalini. It help to have a wonderful appetite, removes all diseases caused by an excess of wind, bile or phlegm, cures diabetes, hemorrhoids and it strengthens the arms muscles. This Asana gives the maximum physical exercise in the minimum time.

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