Manish Yogi- the immortal Transcendental Voyage of a mortal

The contemporary world comprehends the locution “Yogi” as a lexicon, describing someone as a person practicing Asanas on a Yoga mat, an inkling often created by TV, books and social media. Yogi is NOT the one who bliss out on a Yoga Mat to loose weight or attempts to explore the dimensions of world. Yogi is the one who has the appreciation that the entire cosmos, the whole creation is within self and has the discipline to rise above and empower others to lift the veil of illusion- the ignorance – through the Alchemy of Awareness.

And this is the succinct narrative of “Manish Yogi”.

“UNLESS YOU DROP your personality you will not be able to find your individuality”

A notorious child by nature but a critical thinker since childhood and he raised his opinions against rights and wrongs which landed him in serious fights with other children and resulted in wounds and stitches. Often called by different names by near and dear ones made the little child Manish experience the suffocating air of comparisons and conditionings. He had numerous doubts and questions in his little mind. Being very close to his grandfather, who was also a reputed freedom fighter and doctor of India, the young boy expressed his concern about the ‘personality’ which was getting imposed on him from the outside and replacing the individuality supposed to grow from within. The young child wanted answers to his doubts, he was in the search of Truth – who is God, where is he, why God has created us, what is the purpose of our life, why he differentiated among us, what is the real meaning of soul, from where it comes and where it goes and many more. Such an apprehension by 13 years old child made an old and insightful man both happy and astonished.

Before it took long, the thirsty soul found the fountain of wisdom and knowledge in the teachings and sermons of enlightened Master,  “Osho Rajneesh” and young Manish Yogi soon understood that when we focus on externals, we often get caught up in rights and wrongs, wants and desires, those potent enough to trap us in illusions, sleepiness and conditionings for life long. The only breakthrough is to look within, discern inward to know that which is “eternal”. With this the young “Manish Yogi” undertook the greatest adventure in life – trekking the arduous Mount of Illumination.

As he grew older, the crave for knowing the unknown grew magnificently stronger within him. He wondered to different ashramas, different associations and meditation centres, attended hundreds of religious discourses, but still remain discontented. He often experienced disharmony and unease all around. At the same time, he had been going through the stages of human kind – completing education, doing job, fulfilling responsibilities towards parents and society. Being one of the scholars of Delhi University in the field of Commerce during late 90s, recipient of “Platinum Direct position” by Amway India in 2000, an acclaimed Corporate Training Manager of reputed financial services organisation, highly regarded banker, wealth and investment analyst, owner of successful enterprises and one of the scholars of University of Lausanne, Department of Actuarial Sciences, Switzerland.

All these achievements and successes are usually yearned by every individual. But as Manish Yogi escalated further the ladder of worldly happiness, he became thirstier for the single drop of Consciousness , for the rain of Awareness. He stood at the fork road with one sign board saying – Way to ‘More Money’ and other- Way to ‘Knowing Self’. And he continued his voyage on the route of “Knowing Self” for seeking Illumination.

En route, he met Swami Vidyananda Ji, Founder and President  of Srima International School of Transformation Yoga, Yoga Alliance International and Yoga Alliance India who acquainted Manish Yogi to the most beautiful phenomenon of Universe “Harmony” – the Harmony of cosmos, the harmony of nature, the harmony of soul, the harmony of self and harmony of each with one another. Manish Yogi practiced self enquiry as a means to get rid of ignorance and gain true understanding of Self residing within the self. The hallmark trait about Manish Yogi is that he dedicated himself to conducting scientific research of all the knowledge and wisdom received from different sources and once he found them validated, he embraced them into his life. His Guru Swami Vidyananda ji often addressed in front of gatherings that he has many traits of a true “Yogi” and gave him the nomenclature of “Manish Yogi”.

Manish Yogi not only read but also absorbed within him the pearls of wisdom hidden in ancient Indian literature including – Patañjali Yog Sutra, Hatha Yoga, Bhagwat Geeta, Osho, Zen, Buddhism, Sufism and many more. He also completed Transformational Yoga Master 500 hours Teacher Training Course under the direct discipleship of Swami Vidyananda ji. Shortly, Manish Yogi developed immense faith and trust from people around him for his way of healing and transforming people in distress through Meditation. Although he visited many ashrams but he gained true learning of Hatha Yoga from Swami Sivananda ji’s teachings (Divine Life Society), Rishikesh, India.

Beginning of immortal transcendental Voyage

Following the path of Classical Patanjali Yoga, Manish Yogi not only became aware – he got awareness about “Awareness” – that bliss does not comes from mind. Bliss is a result of no mind i.e in the moment of “No Mind”, when the real contentment transpires. This happens when mind no longer works as a master, it works as a servant and you become the Real Master . He understood what Meditation is all about and how to do it. He understood that chanting a mantra or repeating an affirmation is not Meditation; Meditation is simply watching, distancing yourself and watching the show without getting caught in the drama.

Since people usually get confused, so TV and magazine interviewers often ask Manish Yogi “what is Yoga” and “what is not Yoga” as common man generally relates Yoga with physical postures of exercise and asanas for reducing physical ailments and gaining health benefits. Manish Yogi always propagates that Yoga is not limited to these exercises, the science of Yoga is extremely abundant and far beyond such physical exercises. With a view to spread awareness and knowledge among masses about Real and Classical Yoga and help them in their transformation process, Manish Yogi founded “Yoga The Essence of Life Foundation” – Registered NGO in 2017. And in short time, the organisation became extremely popular in India.

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