Kapala” is a Sanskrit word that pertains to skulls. “Bhati” is to light up. The term “Kapalabhati” becomes an exercise that lights up the skull. This Kriya cleanses the skull. This is also one of the shat karmas (six purification processes in hatha yoga).

Sit on Padmasana. Keep your hands on knees. Close the eyes. Perform Puraka and Rechaka rapidly. This should be practiced vigorously. One will get perspiration profusely. This is a good form of exercise.

Those who are well versed in Kapalabhati, Bhastrika can do very easily. There is no Kumbhaka in this pranayama. Rechaka plays a prominent role. Puraka should be done quickly and forcibly assigning the abdominal muscles with a reversal of thrust. If you do Puraka, let the abdominal muscles go. Some people naturally make a curve of the spine and also bend their heads. The head and trunk must be in a vertical position. Sudden expulsions of breath succeed each other as in Bhastrika. To start with, you can have one expulsion per second. Gradually, you can have two expulsions per second. Initially, do one round in the morning consisting of 10 expulsions only. In the second week, do one round in evening. In the third week, do two rounds in the morning and two rounds in the evening. So, every week, gradually and carefully increase 10 expulsions to each round till you get 120 expulsions for each round.

It cleans the airways and nasal passages. It removes the spasm in bronchial tubes. Asthma is relieved and cured over time. Indications from the lungs expect a sufficient supply of oxygen. They can not afford the cheap breeding grounds for tuberculous bacilli. Consumption is cured by this practice. Lungs are considerably developed. Carbon dioxide is eliminated on a large scale. Impurities in the blood are annihilated. Tissues and cells absorb a large amount of oxygen. Heart functions properly with this exercise. The circulatory and respiratory systems are toned to a considerable degree.


In the early morning, respond to nature calls and sit down for practice. The practice of pranayama in a dry, well ventilated room. Pranayama requires deep concentration and attention. It is always best to have practice in a fixed posture. Keep everyone at your side to avoid distraction from the mind.

Before performing the pranayama, clean the nostrils. You can have a small amount of fruit juice or a small cup of milk before training. When you finish the practice take a cup of milk or something light to eat after 10 minutes.

Practice only in the morning during summer. If there is heat in the brain or head, apply Amla oil or butter on the head before you take your bath. Take Misri Sharbat by dissolving sugar This will cool down your entire system. Sitali Pranayama also. You will not be affected by heat.

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