200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program in Noida

We have found a new school in Noida Sec 50 which is located in the heart of city and also cover by lash greenery having two gardens in the building which gives the feeling that we are not in metro cities. We are conducting 200 hrs yoga teacher training program in Noida for local and international seekers who want to

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International yoga classes in Delhi

As we all know that yoga is an essence of life therefore some of us practices yoga everyday and few of us do it occasionally, but we all get the benefit of yoga practices as it is good for physical and mental health. Some yogis want to make it as a profession to teach yoga nationally and internationally. Hence we

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Meditation- The Greatest Luxury

Meditation is the greatest luxury possible on this earth because no feeling is greater than the feeling arise out of meditation. It is an ultimate love affair of individual energy with the universal energy. Medicine and meditation is derived from the same root which means to heel. Medicine helps to heel the physical body while meditation works on deeper layer.

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YOG NIDRA- A Step To Meditation

Yog Nidra is a relaxation form of ancient science of yoga. It helps to prepare you  for the greatest luxury called meditation and helps yogi to get relax completely. It starts with shavaasana wherein one lie down flat on his back on the mat or on the blanquettes completely in still position like a dead body and then don’t move

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